Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Music Videos

Rihanna-Pour It Up
Pour it up is viewed in a voyeuristic way because there are people dancing on strip poles and Rihanna is on a chair shaking her bum at the camera,and is always in the middle of the screen with people/things round her most of the time it is a strip pole or a throne.

Britney Spears-Toxic
Toxic is viewed in a voyeuristic way because Britney Spears is on a plane a dancing in a sexy way, also half way through the video a man is pushed in to the toilet and the door was locked which could mean that there will be some sexaul going on.  

Jessie J-Price Tag
In Price Tag Jessie J doesn't dance in the same way as all the other videos where they are watched in a voyeuristic way




What you have here is not good enough really. You only have a very brief explanation of each video.

T: What you must do now is develop your points and fully explain them using multiple specific examples. Pick out all of the technical aspects (Mise-en-scene, editing, lyrics etc)