Tuesday, 1 April 2014

The layout of this magazine is that the writing is not all squashed together like other magazines. The colours in the picture in the background are bright and stand out this is to pull people in and make them want to read more and want to by . The celeb is Allan Cookes whos is on his bmx getting air. The language used on this magazine is unforal and pulls you in to read more. The font used on this magazine pulls you in and makes you want to read more and buy the magazine.

The layout of this magazine is that the only writing is lifestyle and the picture is large. The colours on the magazine are very dull because there are only two colours and the picture is not very lively which means it wont attract many people.  The model who has got a rope round the cow is smiling while pulling it along. The langauge used on this magazine is not very appealing because there isnt many words.
The font on this this magazine doesnt pull you in a make you want to read it.     
The layout of this magazine is squashed together and all the writing is next to each other. The colours on this magazine are bright because it is all pink, white and black this is eye catching and pulls in the ready and sudjests it is is girly. The celeb on the magazine is kim kardashian and she it half way through taking her top. The language used on this magazine is very girly and only really appears to girls.  The font on this magazine trys to pull people in and want to read more.

I picked this font because of the letters used and the sleak style 

I picked this font because