Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Introduction to Lifestyle Magazines

Identify the different 'types' of in the magazine i.e. health
The different types of magazines are Gossip Magazine this is all about all the latest gossip for example it this magazine it says "if its stylish enough for kate moss"and "what got us talking in 2007", Glamour Magazine which talks about all the latest fashions and what peoples/celebs are wearing, Health Magazine is about peoples health, Fashion Magazines have all the latest fashions in and what celebrities are wearing. 

Discuss the layout of the page. From your analysis what gender and type of person is this magazine for?
The Layout of these magazines are all the same most of them have a lot of adverts and all the colours are bright and are eye catching. The magazine is aimed at middle aged woman who are organised as the writing and pictures are in three sections. 

How would someone hope to benefit from buying this magazine?   
The people who would be buying this would benefit from it  because they will know the latest gossip on celebs and how to keep fit and the latest fashions.people would like to know this information if they would like to keep fit, get fashionable cloths or just know the latest gossip 

Wednesday, 11 December 2013

10 Album Covers
I chose Tinie Tempah-Discovery because it shows that he has the whole world in his arms which could mean he is the ruler of the world

I chose the Clyde Carson-Slow Down album because he is showing that he has a lot of money by the chains, jewellery, watch and clothes he's wearing

I chose the Sage the gemini-Gas Pedal album because there is the back of a yellow Lamborghini which could show they have a lot of money or have class

I chose the 50 Cent-Get Rich or Die Tryin album because it shows 50 cent has got money because he is wearing a long and big shiny chain with a cross on it and he has what it looks like a very expensive watch. Also on the album cover  at the front it has glass that has been smashed that could suggest that he has done crime and bad things in his life also he has got Tattos.

I have chose the 2 chainz-based on a T.R.U. story album because on the cover there are 2 chains (his stage name) which could be representing he has lots of money to spend on jewellery

I have chose the Jessie J album cover because it has her face against the camera maybe suggesting she is important and wanted to be seen and her name is on the front of the cover in gold writing suggesting she is rich and again important

I have chose the Britney Spears album cover because it has her looking at the camera naked with a red love heart with her name in it suggesting she is loved by everyone or in love

I have chose the Will.i.am album cover because he is in a leather coat, gold jewelry and a black hat with a grown and king engraved in it which could mean he thinks he is the king 

I have chose Eminem-The marshall mathers because Eminem is sitting outside a old abandoned house which could mean it is where he lived when he was younger and thing back when he lived there

I chose Rihanna-Unapologetic album cover because Rihanna  is standing naked and looking towards the camera in a seductive way and she has tattoos along he chest with one that looks like angel wings possibly meaning she wants to be classed as an angel or is religious.


Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Music Videos

Rihanna-Pour It Up
Pour it up is viewed in a voyeuristic way because there are people dancing on strip poles and Rihanna is on a chair shaking her bum at the camera,and is always in the middle of the screen with people/things round her most of the time it is a strip pole or a throne.

Britney Spears-Toxic
Toxic is viewed in a voyeuristic way because Britney Spears is on a plane a dancing in a sexy way, also half way through the video a man is pushed in to the toilet and the door was locked which could mean that there will be some sexaul going on.  

Jessie J-Price Tag
In Price Tag Jessie J doesn't dance in the same way as all the other videos where they are watched in a voyeuristic way




What you have here is not good enough really. You only have a very brief explanation of each video.

T: What you must do now is develop your points and fully explain them using multiple specific examples. Pick out all of the technical aspects (Mise-en-scene, editing, lyrics etc)

Wednesday, 23 October 2013

The quick selection tool-lets you quickly paint a selection using an adjustable (which can be made bigger and smaller) round brush tip. It also lets you select areas of similar tone and colour and change it.The Quick Selection Tool works more like a brush, allowing us to select areas simply by "painting" over them




This isn't really finished and you don't really explain how you perform the task here.

T: Please finish this task fully explaining how you use the tool using step by step images.

Thursday, 17 October 2013

In many rap videos women have no identity except as sexual playthings and "eye candy"

They have woman in videos to get more views an example of this is candy shop where there is loads of woman in short clothes around the house.

These images do provide pleasures to some viewers. But the concern is that men may internalise the notion that women are nothing more than sexual objects waiting to be used.

The videos provide pleasure because all the woman are in bikinis/short clothes an example of this is the thing song where woman are dancing in thongs on the beac

These sorts of images are not unique to hip hop. Objectified female bodies are everywhere. They appear throughout our culture in films, advertisements, television programmes etc. However, within music videos, this is virtually the ONLY vision of women available.

These images are shown in other types of media like magazines, films, advertisements, programmes and television. However music videos are the only type were women are presented in a way were they are used as a sexual object and not as a normal person




You have a number of points here and have chosen a sound example, but you don't really have any specific examples to back up your points made.

T: Find multiple specific examples and apply them to your chosen videos to help you fully explain and back up your points.

Thursday, 10 October 2013

Pink-Stupid Girls


  • Our powerpoint was good because we answered all the questions correctly.
  • The images on the slides where good because it showed what was happening.
  • Lastly i think our presentation layout was good this let them see it easier.


  • Our powerpoint  could of had the music video in the background playing while we where reading the answers out. 
  • Also our answers could of been longer and more detailed this would help the audience understand more.
  •  Lastly I think that we could of answered the questions more clearly.

Wednesday, 2 October 2013

50 Cent - Candy Shop

I disagree with the following statements because hip hop doesn't present a very rigid and narrow version of manhood - one that suggests that to be a real man you must be strong and tough, you must have a lot of women and money, you must always be in control, and you must always dominate women and other men. A Way of showing this is untrue is that 50 cent might go home and take off all his big coats and jewelry to put on fluffy slippers and casual clothes. Also not all rappers/hip hop artists have load of money,cars,woman,jewelry and houses this is a stereotype of a rapper/hip hop artist. In rapping most people think that it all about money,woman and jewellery but most of it I about what has happened to them in their life's. 
The connotation of a rapper is that  the sort of clothes that he is wearing relates him to a rapper but the denotation of a rapper is that the men always wear big coats and jewelry and the woman wear short clothes and jewelry as well. 
The atmosphere of the 50 cent-candy shop video is slow and in the video all you see is cars,expensive houses,woman in short clothes and 50 cent in expensive clothes and big jackets. The clothes in the video are all mainly short on the woman and on 50 cent he wears expensive chains and rings and he also wears big coats and shoes. In the video he uses hand gestures to make him look tough/hard.In a part of the video he shows his muscles/masculinity.In a part of the video the women put on red track suit and do a dance routine to show that 50 Cent and the women own the whole house      

Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Pro's vs P.E Teachers is a program where the pro sports people go against the school P.E Teachers. The P.E Teachers chose the sport they are good at and go against the pro's of that sport and the audience (students) chose who are better at that sport. The thing that is different about this program is that nothing like this is on T.V yet. The show starts at 7:00pm on weekdays 

I made my logo by using the magnetic lasso tool for the balls and golf club and i also used the the gradients for the title and the circle around it so it can look better and nicer. I think the colours go well with the background as it is related to American football.I also think that the effect of the title is very good

I rate my logo a 6/10 because i could of put more pictures in it and added and made it related to american football a bit more but all the colours go very well with everything.    

Thursday, 12 September 2013

Waterloo road logo  

I think they designed the logo like this because the letters are made out of school tables and it also shows how messy and untidy  the school is and it also shows not even the teachers care about the school

Cast Members

Here is a picture of all the cast of waterloo road the producers choose a different range of teachers who care to who really care to don't care about the school

Day and Time

Waterloo Road  is schedule for 8:00 pm  on a thursday because it is a school day and people will watch it as events had happened in their school day 

Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Iron Maiden
connotation-The connotation looks evil and the font of the title looks evil
denotation-A devil with a pitch fork, fire, smoke 

Born in the usa
connotation-The connotation is that his stance maybe related to  him    being a cowboy  
denotation-The denotation is that there is a man wearing jeans, white t-shirt and a red hat in his pocket with a american flag background 

Is This It 
connotation-The connotation shows that the music might be sexual 
denotation-The denotation shows that there is a woman with a black leather glove showing her backside  

Queen II
connotation- The connotation shows that there is a black ground which shows that they are hiding there selves  
denotation-The denotation shows that these 4 men are hiding them selves 

Unknown Pleasures
connotation-The connotation shows that 
denotation-The denotation shows that there is a black background with bits of string making mountains 

Wish you were here 
connotation-the connotation shows it is at hollywood studio's 
denotation-The denotation of this shows that there is two people shaking hands and one is on fire 

Who's Next
connotation-The connotation shows that they looks like they are waiting for something  
denotation-The denotation shows that there is three man and a woman next to a stone lock 

Nite Visions
connotation-The connotation for this cover is that it will probably not be rock music  
denotation-The denotation for this cover is that it is pink and the writing is an illusion behind the pink lines  

Parallel Lines

parallel lines
connotation-The connotation shows that this cover looks funky
denotation-The denotation shows that there are five men wearing suits and a woman wearing a dress 

connotation-The connotation shows that he might be hiding  
denotation-The denotation shows that there is black male in a dark room