Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Pro's vs P.E Teachers is a program where the pro sports people go against the school P.E Teachers. The P.E Teachers chose the sport they are good at and go against the pro's of that sport and the audience (students) chose who are better at that sport. The thing that is different about this program is that nothing like this is on T.V yet. The show starts at 7:00pm on weekdays 

I made my logo by using the magnetic lasso tool for the balls and golf club and i also used the the gradients for the title and the circle around it so it can look better and nicer. I think the colours go well with the background as it is related to American football.I also think that the effect of the title is very good

I rate my logo a 6/10 because i could of put more pictures in it and added and made it related to american football a bit more but all the colours go very well with everything.    

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  1. LOGO: C2 - your logo is clean and shows a sound creative ability with a sound level of skill.
    T: Try to look at existing TV program logos to give you ideas to develop your designs.

    EVAL: C3 - Your evaluation is sound and offers a solid sense of reflection but it is short on detail and terminology.
    T: Use the term connotation and apply it to your logo.