Monday, 10 March 2014

Questions to apply to my cover

Questions to apply to my cover

1. What 2 conventions have I used & why?

Q. On my magazine I have a celebrity on the cover in this case Kim Kardashian. Doing this I would've hoped to pull people in as she is an idol to alot of people and people would buy my magazine to look like her.

2. What are the effects of my layout, typography, colour choice and language choice?
Q. The layout of my magazine has a asymmetrical balance and orderly placed. The colours i chose on my magazine would appeal to the teenage girl audience because they stand out and are elegant. The typography used, is very attractive to teenage girls, as the title text is curved and elegant which is attractive to women.

3.What issues of representation have i presented?

Q. I have presented Kim kardashian is a classy way and she is with the latest fashions. This then gives an idea to the readers that Kim is always classy and is up with the fame tips. The celebrity or model may not be doing the things the text said and this could be very misleading to the teenage target audience. These issues could be representing the celebrity wrong therefore the audience will not want to buy the magazine and will think badly about the magazine.

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